Launching children to their fullest potential through psychological assessments
that reveal children's unique gifts, talents and needs.

GM Launch PAD is an exciting new program, funded by a generous grant from  Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services, a division of the the
MN Department of Human Services.


We provide culturally affirmative psychological assessments to Deaf, Hard of Hearing & Deafblind children, ages 0-21, who live in
Greater Minnesota  (outside the 7 county metro area) & attend a school operated by the MN Department of Education 

Psychologists travel to the child’s school or county offices to evaluate  children. Travel costs are financed by grant funds. Medical insurance, educational third party billing, county funding & vocational rehabilitation funding options will be explored in order to cover the costs of psychological testing. In cases where the child does not have insurance or does not have adequate coverage, grant funds are available for financial assistance. 

Referrals are welcome from the child (18 or older), parents, families, school staff, county social workers, legal guardians

Dr. Nanette McDevitt

 GM Launch PAD

Greater Minnesota Psychological Assessments for Deaf,
Hard of Hearing & Deafblind Children

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