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Greater Minnesota Psychological Assessments for Deaf,
Hard of Hearing & Deafblind Children


 The following psychological assessments can be provided:

  • Diagnostic Assessments to evaluate for psychological illnesses such as Autistic, Anxiety, Depressive, Behavior, Post Traumatic Stress, Reactive Attachment, Learning, Eating and other psychological disorders
  • Special Education evaluations for those school districts that do not have access to a qualified school psychologist
  • IQ and other psychological testing to help determine eligibility for county, special education and other services
  • Neuropsychometric testing/Neuropsychological screenings

The following people are welcome to make a referral:

  • The child, if 18 or older
  • Parents/Legan Guardians/Family Members
  • School Staff
  • County Social Workers
Qualifying Critera:
  • The child must be Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Deafblind between the ages of 0-21 and attending a school operated by the MN Department of Education
  • The child must live outside the 7-county metro area of Minnesota
  • Anyone can make a referral (once parents/guardians sign a release of information); however, the child (if 18 or older), child's parents or child's legal guardians must give consent in order for services to be provided

Dr. Nanette McDevitt
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