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Greater Minnesota Psychological Assessments for Deaf,
Hard of Hearing & Deafblind Children

apply for services

How to Apply for Services:


1.  E-mail Dr. McDevitt,, to let her know of your intent to apply for   

2. Please have the child (if 18 or older) or child's parents(s)/legal guardian(s) sign a Consent to 
    Release Information Form (YOUR agency form).  You can scan the signed form and e-mail
    it to Dr. McDevitt at   

2.  Once a Consent to Release Information Form (signed by child/parents/legal guardian)
     is sent to Dr. McDevitt, she will send application materials to the child/child's family.

3.  Once the application materials are completed and sent back to Dr. McDevitt, then an   
     appointment can be set for the assessment.


Dr. Nanette McDevitt
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